Changing time on a Partner.

Partner ACS, any release
Changing the time on a Partner system must be done from extension # 10 or 11.

1. At station(Ext.10 or 11) press feature, 0, 0
2. Press the left intercom 2 times
3. Enter # 103
4. Enter the correct time in 24 hr. format, for example:
* to set the time for 09:00 A.M., enter 0900
* to set the time for 04:45 P.M., enter 1645
5. Press feature, 0, 0

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Adding a new mailbox in Partner Mail VS

Partner Mail VS, all releases.

  • Dial intercom 777, or press the “Mail” button
  • Dial 99#
  • Dial password (default is 1234) and #
  • Dial 9
  • Dial 4 for mailbox programming
  • Dial mailbox number to be added and # (iff all mailboxes have been assigned, another mailbox must be deleted before a new one can be created)
  • Dial 4 to create this mailbox
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Change voice mail password on Partner Voice Messaging PC card

Partner Voice Messaging (pc small or large)

If you are not sure which voicemail system you have, go here first.

To reinitialize a password to 1234:

From any phone, (or remotely, press *7 when you hear the voicemail greeting.)

  • Log into System Administration by pressing “Intercom 777″ or the “get mail” button.
  • When prmpted for the mail box number, enter “0″ followed by the “#” sign.
  • Enter the Admin password, “1234″, followed by the “#” sign.
  • Press 7 followed by the mailbox number. Then, press # to reinitialize a password.  The mail box number is NOT the extension number.
    • Mailbox      Extension
      1                     13✔
      2                     14✔
      3                     15✔
      4                     18✔
      5                     19✔
      6                     20✔
      7                     21✔
      8                    22✔
      9                    10
      10                 11
      11                  12
      12                  16
      13                 17
      14                 23
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  • What are the codes for buttons on my Partner system?

    If you want to program a button for commonly used features, below is a list of the features.   Not all features wil work on all systems, so check your manual to be sure.

    Remember, to program a button, first go to the phone:

    Press FEATURE 00  (zero, zero)

    press the button you want to program,

    Press the feature code

    Feature 00 (zero, zero) to exit programming.

    F01 Do Not Disturb2
    F02 Exclusive Hold2
    F03 Recall
    F04 Save Number Redial
    F05 Last Number Redial
    F06 Conference Drop2
    F07 Privacy2
    F08 Touch-Tone Enable
    F09XX Message Light On1
    F10XX Message Light Off1
    F11,XX,XX Call Forwarding/Call Follow-Me1
    F11,XX,*PP Cell Phone Connect1
    F11,XX,PP Remote Call Forwarding1
    F12 Account Code Entry2
    F13XX Manual Signaling (beep or ring)1
    F13*XX Manual Signaling (voice signal)1
    F14 Voice Mailbox Transfer2
    F15 VMS Cover2
    F16 Caller ID Name Display2
    F17 Caller ID Inspect2
    F18 Voice Interrupt On Busy Talk-Back2
    F19 Background Music2
    F20, XX,XX Call Coverage1
    F21 Station Lock
    F22 Station Unlock2
    F23 Caller ID Call Logging and Dialing2
    F24 Record-a-Call2
    F25 Call Screening2
    F41 Contact Closure 1
    F42 Contact Closure 2
    F59 System Release Status2
    1 These features can be used by the telephone user and the System Administrator. F represents the “FEATURE” button I represents the “INTERCOM” button; XX represents a system extension number; PP represents a Personal Speed Dial code; G represents a single-digit group number; and LL represents a system line number.

    2 Available only on system phones.

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    Prevent calls from being interrupted by another associate on Partner?

    Partner ACS, Partner II, and Partner Plus, all releases

    Automatic Extension Privacy is a feature that prevents other people from joining calls at your extension with out your permission. This is a feature that is available on individual phones either by System Programming or by programming this feature to a button.


    1. From Extension 10 press the Feature button followed by 0 0. Touch the System Program (left intercom) button twice.
    2. Dial # 3 0 4
    3. Dial the extension number to be programmed with Automatic Extension Privacy.
    4. Dial one of the following
    1. = Assigned
    2. = Not assigned.
    1. Press Next Item to program another extension for privacy.
    2. When finished press the Feature button followed by 0 0 to exit programming mode.

    This will turn “Privacy” for the phone, on, fulltime.  If you wish to have the ability to turn the feature on/off at your discretion (helpful when you need multiple users to listen to the same call), then you should program a “Privacy” button on the phone.

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    How to Program a Flash/Recall button on a Partner System

    When you are using Centrex type phone lines from your local phone company you need to program a Flash (or Recall) button onto your Partner telephone. (This is for all releases of Partner). To start programming:
    Press the FEATURE button
    Press 00
    Touch the button you want to use
    Press FEATURE 03
    Press FEATURE 00 to exit programming

    To use simply press the button when you are currently active on the call and it will give you centrex dial tone.

    This feature works well when you would like to transfer a call off site and you don’t want to use up 2 phone lines for the whole call.

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    Programming line ringing on a Partner

    Partner, all releases.


    Receptionist Call Routing. If you want calls to be answered by the receptionist first, set the lines at the receptionist’s extension to Immediate Ring and the lines at the users’ extensions to No Ring. (This is the factory setting)

    Receptionist Backup. If you want all calls on a line to ring directly at users’ extensions -with the receptionist providing backup -set the line at the users’ extensions to Immediate Ring. Then set the line (or lines) at the receptionist’s extension to Delayed Ring. An incoming call that is not answered by a user within 20 seconds will also ring at the receptionist’s extension.

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    Changing the Greeting on a Partner Voicemail

    Partner Voicemail, All releases

    First, we need to figure out exactly which voicemail you have.

    Dial into your voicemail system, either by pressing the “Get Mail” button, or “Intercom 777″.

    Once connected you will hear the “voicemail lady” say, “welcome to Partner……”

    If Partner Mail VS, click here.

    If Partner voice messaging PC card, click here.

    If Partner Messaging R1.0, R6.0 or R7.0, click here.

    If Partner Mail (standalone Box), click here

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    What release Partner system do I have?

    All Partner Releases

    Partner phones will work on the entire series of Partner phone systems.  But for programming, you do need to know which release you do have.

    If you have a  Partner ACS, from any display phone, you can press, “Feature 59″, and it will display the release and firmware revision.

    If nothing happens, it is an older Partner plus or Partner II.  In that case you need to do a “beep test”:

    To perform the test, access any phone line and press “feature #1″  You will hear a series of beep tones.  Use the following to determine which Partner Processor you have.

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    Changing the line that is picked up, when you lift handset on a Partner.

    All releases of Partner

    Lets say that you currently pick up line 1 to make an outgoing call, but you want to pick up your last line (in this case we will say we have 6 phone lines).

    This feature is called “Auto line select”

    To program Auto line select:

    From extension 10 or 11:
    Press feature 00
    Enter the extension number of the extension you need changed.
    press ** (start, star)

    Then the order you want the lines to get picked up
    Then ** (star, star) when done

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