What are the codes for buttons on my Partner system?

If you want to program a button for commonly used features, below is a list of the features.   Not all features wil work on all systems, so check your manual to be sure.

Remember, to program a button, first go to the phone:

Press FEATURE 00  (zero, zero)

press the button you want to program,

Press the feature code

Feature 00 (zero, zero) to exit programming.

F01 Do Not Disturb2
F02 Exclusive Hold2
F03 Recall
F04 Save Number Redial
F05 Last Number Redial
F06 Conference Drop2
F07 Privacy2
F08 Touch-Tone Enable
F09XX Message Light On1
F10XX Message Light Off1
F11,XX,XX Call Forwarding/Call Follow-Me1
F11,XX,*PP Cell Phone Connect1
F11,XX,PP Remote Call Forwarding1
F12 Account Code Entry2
F13XX Manual Signaling (beep or ring)1
F13*XX Manual Signaling (voice signal)1
F14 Voice Mailbox Transfer2
F15 VMS Cover2
F16 Caller ID Name Display2
F17 Caller ID Inspect2
F18 Voice Interrupt On Busy Talk-Back2
F19 Background Music2
F20, XX,XX Call Coverage1
F21 Station Lock
F22 Station Unlock2
F23 Caller ID Call Logging and Dialing2
F24 Record-a-Call2
F25 Call Screening2
F41 Contact Closure 1
F42 Contact Closure 2
F59 System Release Status2


1 These features can be used by the telephone user and the System Administrator. F represents the “FEATURE” button I represents the “INTERCOM” button; XX represents a system extension number; PP represents a Personal Speed Dial code; G represents a single-digit group number; and LL represents a system line number.

2 Available only on system phones.

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