Editing an IP Office configuration in Excel

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HOWTO: Editing an IP Office configuration in Excel
Kyle L Holladay, Sr

Many items in your IP Office configuration can be edited directly in the configuration.csv file outside of the Manager application saving a large amount of time. This guide will provide basic information on how to export your configuraiton.csv and edit select User information. Until you are comfortable with this method I would suggest that you limit its use to a lab environment

Note: You MUST NOT add nor delete any records when using this method. (i.e. you cannot add/delete an extension, user, incoming call route). You must create all records in Manager before doing your Export. You can then modify the information associated with that record using the method below.

Example of changing your Users
In Manager select File>Import/Export>Export
Select “Configuration All of the Configuration” and click [OK]
Open the Configuration.csv in Excel
Delete all rows up to “User_Info_Start”
Delete all rows after “User_Info_End”

You can now modify your columns as needed. Most of the columns headers are self explanatory but here are the ones that you will change most often.

US_Name Username (15 characters maximum)
US_Fullname Full Name
US_Password Application (i.e. Phone Manager) password (This field is encrypted in 4.2 so set it in manager for one user to say 1234 then copy past to other users)
US_Extension Extension Number
US_ForwardOnBusy Forward on Busy TRUE/FALSE – Requires entry in US_ForwardBusyNumber
US_ForwardonNoAnswer Forward on No Answer TRUE/FALSE – Requires entry in US_ForwardBusyNumber
US_ForwardUnconditional Forward Unconditional TRUE/FALSE – Requires entry in US_ForwardNumber
US_ForwardNumber Forwarding Number for US_ForwardUnditional (Call Forward Unconditional)
US_FOrwardBusyNumber Forwarding Number for USForwardOnBusy US_ForwardOnNoAnswer
US_DoNotDistrub Do Not Disturb TRUE/FALSE
US_VoiceMailEmail Email address for voicemail to email
US_VoiceMailReception 0 DTMF Breakout (personal operator)
US_VoiceMailEmailMode 0=Off, 1=Copy, 2=Forward, 3=Alert
US_DialInSourceNumbers Source Numbers. (e.g. V201|H200| NOTE: Must end with | )
US_LoginCode Hot Desk login code (This field is encrypted in 4.2 so set it in manager for one user to say 1234 then copy past to other users)
US_ExDirectory Exclude from directory 0=No, 1=Yes/Exclude
US_ForceLogin Enable Force Login
US_Right User Rights profile name
US_BusyOnHeld Busy on Held TRUE/FALSE (No more annoying Clear ‘Busy On Held’ for this user? prompts)
US_AnswerPreSelect Enable Answer Preselect TRUE/FALSE
US_ReserveLastCA Enable Reserve Last CA TRUE/FALSE

After making your changes you will save the spreadsheet as a .csv. Excel should give you an error “Configuration.csv may contain features that are not compatible with CSV…” this is normal. Say YES to keep the .csv format and leave out the incompatible features.

Open the document in Notepad. You will notice that the “User_Info_Start” and “User_Info_End” lines have a series of trailing commas (e.g. User_Info_Start,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,) Delete all of the commas from these two lines and save the file.
In Manager select File>Import/Export>Import to import the new changes.

You’ll note that the actual changes that are applied by the User Rights may not show up properly at this point. Simply save the configuration and re-open it in Manager.

This method is especially helpful in changing Extension ID for IP extensions, adding incoming call routes that are out of sequence, etc. Just remember that you will need to create the extension, incoming call route, etc. in Manager before you export and then modify the entry in the .csv.

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