Set time on IP Office

VM Pro/Manager:

The time is normally obtained using Time protocol (RFC868) requests. Note this is different from Network Time Protocol (NTP). The Voicemail Pro server and the Manager program can both act as Time servers, other RFC868 server sources are not supported.

If the IP Office system time is wrong, open Manager, and check:

System ➤ System tab ➤ Time Setting Config Source = VoiceMail Pro/Managermantad1.png

Note that if you are running Manager when the Voicemail Server starts, Voicemail does not start it’s time server daemon. Therefore, always close Manager before you start or restart Voicemail Pro.


For IP Office systems without access to a time server, you can manually set the time and date using a System Phone.
Note, the system will still automatically apply daylight saving changes to the manually set time.

Disable automatic time updates, and nominate a System Phone:

  1. Open IP Office Manager on your PC
  2. Select: System ➤ System tab ➤ Time Setting Config Source = None


  1. Click on User. Then click the User who wants to change the time and date.
  2. Click on the User tab and change System Phone Rights from None to Level 2


  1. Click OK, then Save and Merge

Set Time from a System Phone:

  1. Press the Feature softkey.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select: Phone User ➤ System Administration ➤ Time and press OK.
  3. Enter the correct time (24-hour) using * or # for the : separator

    eg: 14 # 40


  4. Press Done.
  5. Use the down arrow key to select Date and press OK.
  6. Enter the correct date (dd/mm/yy) using * or # for the / separator

    eg: 06 # 01 # 23


  7. Press Back and Exit soft keys to exit.
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