Changing Auto Attendant recording on Partner Messaging R1/6/7

If you do not know which voicemail you have, click here.

To change the the Auto attendant recording:


  • Dial into V-Mail:           Get Mail button (or Int 777)
  • Enter Mailbox:              Press “0″ followed by #(Zero)
  • Password:                        Press, 123456 followed by # (generally the admin password)
  • Press:                                9, you will not be prompted for this.
  • Auto Attendants:          Press 3
  • A/A number:                 (1-4) (probably 1)
  • Day/Night menu:          1-Day 2-Night
  • Listen/modify:               2-Listen 6-Modify
  • Selector codes:             When prompted for selector codes, just  press * #
  • Record greeting:            Press 1, press 1 again to stop recording.  21 to re-record, 23 to listen, OR:
  • Make sure, after done recording that you press * # to save the greeting
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