Change Conf Passwords

In the past we have added a conference bridge menu to IPO Office and Voicemail Pro.  We have also added the ability for a user to set a password in Manager, and use that password in order to gain entry into the conference bridge.

This was good, but the IP Office system admin would need to add the password manually, and change when needed.  Now, we would like to give a user the ability to set their own password and change it as well.

Change Conf Pass 1

For now, lets not worry about the red circles, those are the recordings we will need to do at the end….

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Conference Meet Me in VM Pro

With Preferred Edition, you have the ability to use conference meet me short codes.  Using Voicemail Pro modules, we can create a module that allows callers to enter their bridge number.

If you used this help guide to help set up the meet me bridges, we will expand on that….although you do not need to use our codes…

conf meet me1

So, as you see, we just have a basic module asking for the conference ID, or extension number of the conference bridge.  When the caller presses any amount of digits, that will transfer to those digits.

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Conference Bridge with Passwords

To compliment the fact that Voicemail Pro can offer conference meet me bridges, often, I get asked by a customer to create a way to password protect those bridges.  Luckily, VM Pro CAN do this….

Expanding off previous posts, we will create a short code in IP Office:
Code:    42XXX
Feature:  Conference Meet Me
Number:  .  (yes that’s a period)
LineGroup  0

This allows our 4 digit extensions (that begin with 2) to all have a conference bridge of 42100-42999, that matches their extensions…pretty cool.

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Upgrading a UCM to R9

Because release 9 has an OS update for CentOS, you can NOT use the zip files to upgrade a UCM to release 9.  You must re-image the UCM (or Application server)  If you do this all settings will be lost, so please backup first here….

Application servers will use a DVD for re-imaging, not the USB stick.

First you should backup all data that is necessary, See the post here on how to backup all files.

Second, you will need to build a USB stick for this.  Per Tech Tip 260 from Avaya, below are the supported USB devices.

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Restoring UCM or Application Server settings

Earlier, we backed up our config on an Application server.

Then we upgraded the Application Server.

Now we need to restore the Application server info.

Lets restore voicemail first.

Find the “Wavs” folder you backed up.  Using your SSH (maybe FileZilla) replace the “wavs” folder with your folder.  This will put all recordings on the Voicemail server.  Remember, you will navigate to the root directory of the machine.

In the remote site entry, erase everything except the “/”, or at the top folder where it says filename, double click on that, until you are at the top level directory (root directory)

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Backing up UCM or Application Server

Questions have been coming in regards to the process of backing up a UCM or Application server for an upgrade to R9.  While this is mostly the same as a Windows upgrade, there are a few different steps.

First you are going to need an SSH client, to connect to the server.  I like Filezilla, but the choice is yours.

First lets backup Voicemail Pro.

You will need to set up your connection to the UCM/APP Server, below are the settings:

Host:  IP Address of the server
Username: Administrator (older units default used “web”)
Protocol:  SFTP or SSH
Port:  22
Password:  Administrator (older units default used “webcontrol”)

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