Restoring UCM or Application Server settings

Earlier, we backed up our config on an Application server.

Then we upgraded the Application Server.

Now we need to restore the Application server info.

Lets restore voicemail first.

Find the “Wavs” folder you backed up.  Using your SSH (maybe FileZilla) replace the “wavs” folder with your folder.  This will put all recordings on the Voicemail server.  Remember, you will navigate to the root directory of the machine.

In the remote site entry, erase everything except the “/”, or at the top folder where it says filename, double click on that, until you are at the top level directory (root directory)


restore UCM1


Now, the second part of the Vociemail backup is to copy the “mdb” call flows.  In Voicemail Pro Client, press FILE>IMPORT/EXPORT.  Select IMPORT, and next.  Then select the file you previously saved, that will have a .MDB file extension (Example: backup.mdb)

Voicemail is now DONE!

Now you can browse into the One-X Portal AFA….

The username, is “Superuser”

The password, if never changed (come on man, you should) is “MyFirstLogin1_0″

On the left, browse to, “DB Operations” and click Restore. 



Now select, “Local Drive” then click “Choose File”, and browse to your backup files location.  Then click restore.


BAM!  We done!!!

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