Conference Meet Me in VM Pro

With Preferred Edition, you have the ability to use conference meet me short codes.  Using Voicemail Pro modules, we can create a module that allows callers to enter their bridge number.

If you used this help guide to help set up the meet me bridges, we will expand on that….although you do not need to use our codes…

conf meet me1

So, as you see, we just have a basic module asking for the conference ID, or extension number of the conference bridge.  When the caller presses any amount of digits, that will transfer to those digits.

In the below Transfer Action, you can see that the caller is going to be transferred to the extension/bridge number they dialed, with a “4” inserted before the digits dialed ($KEY)

conf meet me2

so, they would be transferred to 42901(extension 2901’s conference bridge)the short code made earlier.

Make sense?  Cool.  But what if we want to password protect that bridge?  We got ya covered…..How to password protect Voicemail Pro Conference meet me rooms….


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