Upload .wav files to Linux VM Pro installations

With Avaya’s IP Office having the ability to install Vociemail Pro and One-X Portal for IP Office, on a Linux server (including the Unified Communications Module) the question comes up a lot; “How do i transfer my wav files to VM Pro?”  The reverse question of that is also, “How do i back up my files?”


So lets run through that.  First off, we need an SSH client, i prefer Filezilla.  Its free and easy, and works on MAC (yay).

After you download it, you will need to make a connection.  For today’s exercises, we will do so on a UCM, at IP address,  So at the top of the Filezilla window, in the HOST box, enter your IP Address.  Username and password are the same as web control.  In the PORT box, enter 22 (SFTP port).  Then, just press enter and it will authenticate.


Once connected, on the left you will see your computers directory and file structure, on the right, you will see the default directory of the device you are connecting to.




So, we need to browse to the wav file directory.  In the upper right window, click on the root directory, which would be the directory above the HOME folder.  Now you should see a few folders, with the first few being: bin, boot, dev, etc.




Scroll down until you see the “opt” folder and double click on that. Now you can select the “vmpro” folder, and finally, the “wavs” and “Custom” folders.
The format will look familiar once inside the “opt” folder, just like VM Pro on Windows.  Once there, in the upper left window, browse to your computers directory, where the files are.



Now can transfer your files.  You can select one file and drag it to the right.  Or select multiple files and drag to the right.  That will upload the files to the UCM. In the below picture, you can see the files now on the UCM.




Also, remember that you can save the greetings files for all users as well, just browse to the appropriate directory.  You could also, transfer an entire folder, so you could download teh entire “WAVS” folder, to have everything.

**NOTE**If you did want to do a backup, reverse the process.  On the left panel browse to where you want to save the files, and click and drag from right to left.  That will transfer the files from the UCM to the computers directory, where you wish to save the files.  Also, if you are backing up or moving VM Pro, you would need to export your entire VM Pro database of call flows.



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