How do i change the name of a phone in IP Office?

  • Open Manager.(if you dont know, see Opening Manager Config)
  • Click on Users.
  • Click on the User’s name.
  • Retype the User’s new name in both Name and Full Name fields.  The name tab should be first initial and last name with no spaces.  The full name should be the first and last with a space between.
  • Under the Voicemail tab, delete all star’s in the password field (this will have no password for the new User, so simply press # when prompted for password.)
  • Click OK when changes are finished.
  • Save the configuration.(if you dont know, see Saving Config)

*Keep in mind that voicemail boxes are based off of the “Name” field.  Changing the name will default the mailbox (greetings and messages)




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