Backup Voicemail WITH Voicemail to Email

In a previous post, we chatted about setting a backup Voicemail server.  But, once you do so, because of some requirements, you may break Voicemail to email.  Lets discuss how we can cure this, and do both.


In setting up the Voicemail Pro Failover in Linux/server Voicemail pro, the syncing SMTP service needs to be the top entry.  The subsequent entries then would be our SMTP to the email server for Voicemail to Email.

We need to add our entry into the Voicemail Pro client, so open the client and go to: Administration>Preferences>General and go to the EMAIL tab.  Once there, go to the SMTP Sender tab.  To add a new entry, click on the Green Plus sign.

The Mail Domain field, needs to be the fully qualified domain name of the SMTP server that Voicemail Pro will send to.  So in the below, we add an SMTP’s FQDN (



Then, just add in the mail servers address (, server port (2525) and the sender email address, as well as authentication, if need be.

If you add more voicemail to email hosts, you can enter more, they just need to be under the other backup server, as the backup server entry needs to be the very first or top entry.

Remember, that if we have set up the backup Voicemail Pro, we would also need to make these additions to the backup Voicemail Pro server as well, which would allow voicemail to email to function, even in backup mode.

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