Allow users to change their own VM Passwords

So, a few days ago, I posted a blog about a module from Austin, for a way to take a range of extensions, and change the mailbox password in Voicemail Pro. This is pretty awesome if you need to set a default password, and don’t want to leave it blank.

But, it came up that someone wanted to automate it so the telephony admin would never be needed. If a user lost their mailbox password, they wanted to give the end user the ability to reset it, with out the admins intervention.

At the bottom is a link to download the module for Voicemail Pro.

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Change range of Voicemail Passwords – VM Pro

This was reprinted , with the permission of the author, Austin A.


Necessity is the mother of all invention.  I needed a way to setup voice mail codes quickly for a lot of extensions. Wrote up this VM Pro module to do the work.
Module asks for start of range, end of range, and pass-code to set. Then loops through extension list finding valid user/mailbox extensions. If it finds a HG or non-existent extension, it skips it. Does this until the last one, then notifies you of completion and then disconnects.

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How to set up Overlap Dialing in Voicemail Pro

Sometimes it will come up that a customer wants to use a certain selector code, that interferes with the dialing plan.  I don’t know if there is a technical term, so from this moment on, I will refer to it as “Overlap Dialing”.  So, to go along with this massively creative title, we will discuss how we can overcome this obstacle.

Below is a generic Auto Attendant.  Note that the extensions are in the 2XXX range.


So, as you see, anyone that dials an extension that begins with a 2, it transfers to the appropriate user.  But, what if we need to set up a selector code, that allows the button press of 2, to transfer to the Group, “Service”.

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Changing Auto Attendant Greetings in Voicemail Pro – Easy Way

Avaya IP Office manuals are awesome, in that there are lots of them.  But sometimes the simple things, are the hardest to do.  With Voicemail Pro, there is no default way to modify a greeting for an Auto Attendant or Queue greeting.  So, first we will run through a quick and easy way to modify greetings.

As you can see in the below illustration, you just need to create a menu action, and add selector codes for whichever amount of greetings you want to modify.  Here we have a fairly simple install, a Day greeting, Night Greeting and a single Queue greeting.

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Upload .wav files to Linux VM Pro installations

With Avaya’s IP Office having the ability to install Vociemail Pro and One-X Portal for IP Office, on a Linux server (including the Unified Communications Module) the question comes up a lot; “How do i transfer my wav files to VM Pro?”  The reverse question of that is also, “How do i back up my files?”

So lets run through that.  First off, we need an SSH client, i prefer Filezilla.  Its free and easy, and works on MAC (yay).

After you download it, you will need to make a connection.  For today’s exercises, we will do so on a UCM, at IP address,  So at the top of the Filezilla window, in the HOST box, enter your IP Address.  Username and password are the same as web control.  In the PORT box, enter 22 (SFTP port).  Then, just press enter and it will authenticate.

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