Changing Auto Attendant Greetings in Voicemail Pro – Easy Way

Avaya IP Office manuals are awesome, in that there are lots of them.  But sometimes the simple things, are the hardest to do.  With Voicemail Pro, there is no default way to modify a greeting for an Auto Attendant or Queue greeting.  So, first we will run through a quick and easy way to modify greetings.

As you can see in the below illustration, you just need to create a menu action, and add selector codes for whichever amount of greetings you want to modify.  Here we have a fairly simple install, a Day greeting, Night Greeting and a single Queue greeting.



The menu action, just says:

To record the Day greeting, press 1
To record the Night greeting, press 2
To record the Queued Greeting, press 3

Those options are going to an “Edit Play List” action.  The only thing that needs to be done inside the action is to set the .wav file to be modified by this action.  As you see from teh picture below, just browse to the file you want to modify.



Now, if i want to change that greeting, I access the module in VM pro, either by short code, or set an option in the main Auto Attendant to transfer to this module.  When i press 1 to modify the day greeting , i am asked to:

Press 1 to hear the recording
Press 2 to change the recording
Press 3 to save the recording

Now I can modify the greeting on site, or remotely…

Use your imagination:

  • You can password protect the greetings by putting a PIN in the start point of the module.
  • You can create a short code and change the greetings on site.
  • You can make a selector code from the Main Auto Attendant to access the Recordings menu, for changing the greetings while out of the office.

Pretty quick to set up, and easy to modify.  BUT, the drawback from this style of set up would be that a larger Voicemail Pro deployment, with more hunt groups and more Auto Attendants, will make this harder to maintain as time goes on.  This would cause you to keep adding “Edit Play List” actions.


If that is the case, the next option will work best.  Changing Auto Attendant Greetings in Voicemail Pro – Advanced Way



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