Xima VRTX recording on Avaya IP Office

Xima released a new device a while ago, the VRTX.
The VRTX is used for recording calls on a SIP trunk or an E1/T1.
On the front there are two ports, one from the router (SIP) or ISDN Modem and the second for the IPOffice.


On the back there is an USB mini connector to connect the VRTX to a PC or server running Xima Chronicall.


The VRTX requires that Xima Chronicall is installed, seeĀ https://ipofficeassistance.com/installing-xima-chronicall/
Also required is the recording library license and a license per channel.
If you want to record 10 calls at the same time then 10 channels are needed.

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Installing Xima Chronicall

Xima Chronicall is a reporting tool which is easy to install and easy in use.
Chronicall can be installed on a PC or server running XP till W8.1 or Server 2003 till 2012 or on Linux.
Installing Chronicall is easy and a matter of minutes.
Login to the website of Xima software and find the serial for the customer you want to install Chronicall.
If not downloaded yet then download the latest version from the same site.
Run the installer and if asked then install or update Java.


Accept the agreement (if you don’t then you can’t install) and select the folder where you want to install Chronicall.

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