Set Up Delayed Ringing To Embedded Voicemail

Forward to Embedded VM AA after ringing a hunt group
Compliments of Kyle L Holladay, Sr, R.I.P.

In this example we will route inbound calls to a hunt group and then forward to an Embedded Voicemail Auto Attendant if unanswered after 15 seconds or immediately based on a time profile or “night service” button.

1.   Create your Embedded Voicemail Auto Attendant.

2.   Create a Short Code (such as *90 in the picture below) that is used to access the Auto Attendant.

3.   Create a phantom user and assign it an unused extension (such as 1999 in the picture below) that will be used to forward to the Auto Attendant. On the User’s forwarding tab enable forwarding options (see image) and enter the short code you created above as the forwarding number.


4.   Create your a hunt group (such as 2001 in the image below) that will be used as an overflow group and set it to Sequential, No Voicemail, No Queuing and add the user created in step 3 above as the only user in the group.


5.   Create or configure your reception/operator hunt group (such as 2000 in the image below) with all necessary users and any ring style desired. Add the hunt group created in step 4 above as the overflow group and set the Overflow Time to some number that is less than the Voicemail Answer Time.


Optional steps for automatically forwarding using Time Profile and/or a “Night Service” button:
1.   If you wish to use a time profile to forward the calls automatically after hours you can create the profile with your daytime hours.


2.   Add the time profile to the operator/reception hunt group created in step 5 above and select the forwarding hunt group created in step 4 above as your Night Service Fallback Group.



3.   If you wish to have a night service button in addition to your time profile you can use the Out Of Service Fallback Group option in that a “Set HuntGroup Night Service” button cannot override a time profile but the Set HuntGroup Out Of Service” button can. In this case select the hunt group create in step 4 above as your Out of Service Fallback Group


4.   Assign a Set HuntGroup Out of Service button to a user to allow them to put the group out of service thus enabling immediate forwarding to the Auto Attendant.


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