Paging Via Voicemail Pro

Voicemail Pro can be used to deliver pre-recorded announcements. This can be useful when the same announcement is repeated frequently. This method requires the paging port to be an analog extension.

This method also removes the feedback loop that can occur on some sites as the page is first recorded and then played.

Example 1

  1. In Voicemail Pro, a new Module was added and named Page. vm_module_paging_01

    1. A Post Dial action was added to the module. The properties of the Specific tab were set as shown: post_wav

    1. We then saved and made live the new Voicemail Pro call flow.
    2. In Manager we received the IP Office configuration and created a new short code.
      • Short Code: *80

      • Telephone Number : “Page”
      • Feature: VoicemailCollect.  
    1. The new IP Office configuration was then merged.

Example 2
This example builds on example 1 by allowing the user to select which message is played from a menu. In this example the user can press 1, 2 or 3 for different messages. They can also re-record the message associated with option 3 by pressing #.paging_module

A Play List action was added and in this example set to record pagemsg3.wav. Note that just the file name was specified as this action saves files relative to the Voicemail Server’s WAVS folder.vm_module_paging_04

In the Post Dial action that plays back pagemsg3.wav note that the full file path needs to be used.

In IP Office Manager, we then added a short code that triggers the module “Paging” using the VoicemailCollectfeature.

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