Manually set time for Avaya IP Office

Manually Setting the System Time in IP Office


For IP Office systems without access to a time server, a number of methods to manually set the system time exist. These are available in the IP Office 4.1+. The following method is only supported on these phones: 2410, 2420, 4412, 4424, 4612, 4624, 4610, 4620, 4621, 5410, 5420, 5610, 5620, 5621, 6412, 6424. It is supported on any analog, T3, T3 IP or wireless (IP DECT, 3600, 3700 Series) phones.


Note: If the IP Office system that is still configured for automatic time updates (on by default), any manually set time and date will be overridden on the next automatic update. The use of automatic updates can be disabled by setting the System | System | Time Server IP Address to

Enabling a User Button for Time and Date

  1. Select the user who can adjust the system time and date.
    • If necessary create a new user who can be used to log in and set the time and date before logging out.
  2. On the User | Telephony tab, ensure that the option System Phone is selected.
  3. On the User | Button Programming tab select and double-click on an available button.
  4. Select Emulation > Self-Administer as the action.
  5. In the Action Data field enter 2.
  6. Enter an appropriate label for the button.
  7. Adding another button set to the Emulation > Time of Day action is recommended as this will allow the user to view and confirm the systems current time.
  8. In the User tab, Change System Phone Rights to “Level2”
  9. Send the updated configuration to the IP Office.

Using the Programmable Button

  1. Press the programmed button. If the user has a Login Code enter it as requested, and press Done
  2. The options Date and Time are displayed.
  3. To set the date press Date.
    1. The current system date is displayed.
    2. Enter the new date, using two digits for day and month. Use the * or # keys to insert the / separators. The format for date enter matches the locale of the IP Office system.
    3. During entry the key labeled <<< can be used to backspace.
    4. When the full date has been entered as required, press Next.
    5. Press Done.
    6. The phone will return to idle.
  4. To set the time press Time.
    1. The current system time is displayed.
    2. Enter the new time using 24-hour clock format. Use the * or # keys to insert the : separator.
    3. When the full time has been entered as required, press Done.
    4. The phone will return to idle.


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