Listen to another extension in IP Office

Monitor (Listen to) a call on another extension(Compliments of Kyle L Holladay, Sr, R.I.P.)

In this example we will program the IP Office to allow extension 1152 to listen to (Call Listen) extension 1153. While we will focus on the Call Listen feature in this example the programming for Call Intrude is identical with the exception of the button programmed to perform the Listen/Intrude action.

Call Listen: allows one user to listen in on another user’s call but does not allow that user to be an active participant. This is a “listen only” feature.
Call Intrude: allows one user to intrude on another user’s call thus becomming a full participant in the conversation. The use of the MUTE feature can make this a listen only action however the intruding party can fully participate in the voice conversation at any time.

1. In Manager create a new Hunt Group that contains all members that will be part of the monitoring process. In this example we will include 1152 and 1153. Disable queuing and voicemail for this hunt group.
New Hunt Group including 1152 and 1153

2. On the user that will initiate the Call Listen (in this example 1152) select the Telephony>Supervisor Settings tab. Enable both “Can Intrude” and, assuming that this person should be exempt from having other users listen in on their conversation, also select “Cannot be Intruded”
User 1152 configure intrustion settings

3. On the same user (1152 in this example) select Button Programming and program a button for Advanced>Call>Call Listen. Leave the Action Data field empty and optionally assign it a Label such as “Listen to”.
(NOTE: Alternatively you could program the button as Advanced>Call>Call Intrude.)
User 1152 adding Call Listen Button

4. On the user that will be listened to (in this example 1153) select the Telephony>Supervisor Settings tab. Disable “Cannot be Intruded” and, assuming this user should not have the ability to listen to other’s calls, also disable “Can Intrude”.
User 1153 Configure intrusion settings

5. Save the configuration in Manager

6. On the initiating extension (1152 in this example) select the newly programmed Call Listen button
User 1152 User 1152 select Call Listen button

7. Enter the extension of the user you will monitor (1153 in this example) and select Done.
User 1152 enter 1153 then press Done




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