Installing E129 On IP Office

So, you have a new E129, now what? As long as you are running 9.0.3, you can use it…..If just 1 phone, I have found that the web interface is easy to configure. I left the phone on DHCP, but once the phone was up, I found the IP address, and set up the credentials in the web administration.

First we need to set an account in the IP Office.

First, lets go to the System tab, then “LAN1>VoIP”. We just need to make sure that the “SIP Registrar Enable” is checked.

e129_1 copy


Now we will add the user. Go to Users, and add a new user. I called mine “SIPe”, and gave it an extension of 459. Then Go to the Telephony tab and enter a Login Code.

e129_2 copy

e129_3 copy



When you click OK to save, it will ask what type of set do you want to make, h.323 SIP or None. Obviously, the E129 is SIP, so select SIP.

Now go to the Extension tab. On the Extn tab, check the box for Force Authorization.   As an additional step, you could select on the VoIP tab, to reserve an IP endpoint license.

e129_4 copy

Also need to go to the Licence tab and make sure that you have an “Avaya IP Endpoint” license. If not, get one!

So, Power up the phone. When it does you will see a screen that asks for your username, no need to put anything yet. Press the “Conf” button and you will see the IP address of the phone.

e129_5 copy

Now you can browse to the IP address of the phone. It will ask for the password, and the default is “admin”.

Once logged in, go to the top menu, and select “Accounts>Account 1>General Settings”.

Once there enter a name for the account, I used “IPO”. In the SIP server field, enter the Call Server address.   For the SIP User field, we enter our extension number. And in the Authenticate Password we enter the Login Code from Manager.

e129_6 copy

Once you click Save, there will be a banner on top of the web page to Apply the changes. After you hit Apply, you will see the screen of the phone say that it is applying the changes as well. Once done, you should see indication on the display of the phone that it is connected.

e129_7 copy


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