How to Manipulate Digits In VM Pro

Would like to thank Andy Ertle at Tier4 Industries ( – (303) 632-0411)
for pointing us in the direction of “Digit Manipulation” for this post.


For some of our other posts we routed calls by Area code.  If receiving 10 digits those would work.  But, for whatever reason, if you are inserting a “1” or “91” so you can dial from the call log.

If you are having caller ID come in and include the “1” for instance, we can strip that digit off.





First, make a new module in VM Pro, I called mine “Remove_9_1”.  The first action will be a Generic action to see if there is even caller ID.  Basically, we are adding a 1 to the Caller ID.



Next, we need to check to see if the result matched 1, meaning there was no number added to 1 in the previous step.  For this we will use a Variable Routing action.  If it does match the “1”, we will route to the receptionist, but you can do whatever you want.  If there is no match, meaning we added 1 to 4405551212, obviously that would not match, and we can continue.



Now we know that we have caller ID.  This part will save the area code, but you must know what you have coming in.  After setting that this will be a string manipulation and that we want to select from the Left, we need to know the number of characters.  Now you will enter from left to right the number of digits to save.

If your number looks like:  14405551212, then you would enter 4 (for the 1+area code, 440)
If your number looks like:  914405551212, then you would enter 5(for 9+1+area code, 91440)

We enter 4, as our CID, is just 14405551212.




Now that we have our number, 1440, (or 91440) we need to remove the “1” (or “91440”).  This is just a number, 1,440 or 91,440, so lets subtract it……shown below is for “1440” if you have “91440”, you would make your expression to evaluate,  $CP11-9100.  We will save that, in the Result field, enter $CP10.  So as shown below, $CP10 will be the result of $CP11-1000 (or 1440-1000=440).



Now you can route to your Module or whatever you need, to route based on the 3 digit area code….



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