Deleting VM Pro backups in Linux Installs

If you are doing automatic backups in Voicemail Pro, those backups have a unique file name, for every file.  If you are doing daily backups, the file name has the date of the backup in the name.

The problem here, is that the backup does not overwrite itself, and you will soon have a bunch of backups.  Normally this isnt an issue, but with the UCM, and a more limited storage, can take up a of space.

So, lets see how to remove some of these files.  Luckily Avaya has a perl script built into the UCM, so we just need to point to that and BOOM!  WE GOOD!

  • Log into the UCM with a keyboard and monitor (obviously and HDMI monitor)
  • Log into root, press Enter
  • Enter root password, then press Enter
  • Enter this command, without the quotes, case sensitive:
  • perl /opt/vmpro/ –remove“, then press Enter
    • There is a space after the word “perl”
  • Then enter the correlating number to delete that backup, and press Enter.

This will delete the backup file that correlates to the number you enter.  Press the UP arrow to rerun the command, and delete another file(s).

Click the pic below to see a larger image.



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