Set Up Delayed Ringing To Embedded Voicemail

Forward to Embedded VM AA after ringing a hunt group
Compliments of Kyle L Holladay, Sr, R.I.P.

In this example we will route inbound calls to a hunt group and then forward to an Embedded Voicemail Auto Attendant if unanswered after 15 seconds or immediately based on a time profile or “night service” button.

1.   Create your Embedded Voicemail Auto Attendant.

2.   Create a Short Code (such as *90 in the picture below) that is used to access the Auto Attendant.

3.   Create a phantom user and assign it an unused extension (such as 1999 in the picture below) that will be used to forward to the Auto Attendant. On the User’s forwarding tab enable forwarding options (see image) and enter the short code you created above as the forwarding number.

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