Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate setup for Avaya IPOCC Windows with IP Office

IPOCC with LetsEncrypt Certificates

Using Lets Encrypt Certificates for Signed Certificates in

IP Office Contact Center

The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for configuring Lets Encrypt certificates in IP Office Contact Center (IPOCC) and enable automatic updates to provide Signed Certificate validation for clients



Before you Begin

DNS Records

Web Server Installation

Using Apache Tomcat as the Web Server

Using Internet Information Server as the Web Server

Installing OpenSSL

Installing Win-ACME service for Lets Encrypt

Creating the Certificates

Creating Certificates using IIS

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Avaya Equinox App

Equinox on IPO R11 with Self Signed Certificate

Setting up Equinox on IP Office R11 Server Edition/hosted with Self Signed Certificate

In order to get Equinox client to securely connect to Server Edition or Hosted IP Office, we need to have a certificate.  In a previous document, we showed how to create a 3rd party certificate, but maybe you don’t want to use 3rd party, maybe you want to leverage IP Office’s ability to create a self-signed certificate.

1 million foot view of the differences.Certificates that have been signed by a Certificate Authority go through some level of validation and there are only a finite number of Certificate Authorities worldwide. Most devices / browsers already have the Certificate Authorities Intermediate Certificate installed and can therefore easily validate the authorities certificate chain. Depending on the purpose / usage of a certificate would define the level of validation (and cost) associated with those certificates. The plus side to Signed Certificates is that there is no need to load self signed certificates onto most browsers or devices as they are already trusted. The Downside however is that signed certificates have to be maintained on an annual basis and updated before they expire.

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Automate Spaces Install on Avaya R11 Equinox

With IP Office Release 11, Avaya Introduced Equinox as the UC/Soft-phone App.  differing from other UC clients for IPO office, Equinox gets its IM/Presence components from the cloud.  More specifically, the Zang Cloud, or Zang Spaces (http://zang.io/products/spaces).  With Spaces you can sign up for a free account, and have some feature rich collaboration similar to the likes of Slack or Microsoft Teams.

If you like a video rather than reading….

As you can see in the diagram below, the Equinox client connects to the Cloud for IM/Presence needs, while connecting to the local IP Office (premise or hosted) for its telephony features.

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Equinox client for Avaya IP Office - now known as Avaya Workplace

Equinox on IP Office R11 Essential Edition

Equinox on IP Office R11, seems to be giving everyone some fits.  For this example, I defaulted an IP500 licensed for Essential Edition.

The installation will be part of the SIP Extensions guide.  (https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101048082)

First, we will work on Essential Edition, so, see below for what licenses we need.

So, we obviously need the Essential Edition License.  For the user, we need a “SoftPhone License” (Avaya Part number 383113, IPO R10+ SFTPHN 1 LIC)

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