Installing E129 On IP Office

So, you have a new E129, now what? As long as you are running 9.0.3, you can use it…..If just 1 phone, I have found that the web interface is easy to configure. I left the phone on DHCP, but once the phone was up, I found the IP address, and set up the credentials in the web administration.

First we need to set an account in the IP Office.

First, lets go to the System tab, then “LAN1>VoIP”. We just need to make sure that the “SIP Registrar Enable” is checked.

e129_1 copy

Now we will add the user. Go to Users, and add a new user. I called mine “SIPe”, and gave it an extension of 459. Then Go to the Telephony tab and enter a Login Code.

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Token Redemption with IPOSS ONBoarding

The new Avaya token process will be easier for partners to get the customer registered and apply the IPOSS, in 24 hours instead of 4-6 days.

First, you must purchase your IPOSS token from distribution, what you get? Its a piece of paper, showing IPOSS token numbers and what the contract terms are, etc.



Now, you will need to go to On the left you will see a button for “Account Creation”, click that.


Now, select the country where the account is located, and enter the Link ID of the partner. Click Next

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Custom Greetings in Voicemail Pro

If you want to create professional recorded auto attendant greeting, here is how.


1. Go find a Windows XP or Server 2003 machine – you know you have one somewhere – and copy this file C:\Windows\System32\sndrec32.exe and copy it to your Windows 7 or 8 machines.

2. Open the XP / 2003 Sound Recorder App:

3. Click File, Properties:

4. Click Convert Now…


5. Change your settings to

Format: PCM (that’s the default, so nothing to change here)

Attributes: 8.000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono


To save yourself some time, after you make that selection do like I did and click the Save As… button and give it an easy to remember name such as “Avaya IP Office”.  Next time you can just select that item from the list instead of picking from the long list of possible attributes.

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