IP Office Server Edition Backup

Often, we get questions from customers on how to do a backup to Server Edition.  It is pretty easy, but most commonly I am finding that people are trying to save the Primary servers backup on the secondary and vice-a-verse.

I am running virtualized in my lab, so that isn’t possible, as i would need 100 Gig of space.  If you do not have that much space, you will see in WebManagers system tab, that there is “None” (space) available.


So, what you need to do is find a server to back things up to.  This server can be running FTP, http, https, SFTP or SCP.

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Basics of Virtualization with IP Office

Updated for 9.1

This is not intended to be the only document needed for implementation, but merely to spell out the general steps needed to begin deployment.

The first benefit of Virtualized Server Edition, is that there is no hardware or server to purchase. You can have an SCN of any mixture of virtual, server based or IP500 appliances in that SCN.

For EVERY virtual server edition, you will need a “Virtual Server Edition” license (275694-IPO R9 VRTULZD SE ADI LIC) and for every server based and/or IP500 appliance, you will need a “Server Edition” license (275658-IPO R9 SE ADI LIC).

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