Short Codes Explained

Sometimes IP Office Short Codes can be a little tough to understand.  Lets dissect them for a minute.

The IP Office uses short codes to match the number dialed to an action. The number dialed or part of the number dialed, can be used as parameter for the feature.

The following types of short code applied to on-switch dialing. The result may be an action to be performed by the IP Office, a change to the user’s settings or a number to be dialed. The order below is the order of priority in which they are used when applied to user dialing.

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Setting Up Hot-Desking on Avaya IP Office

The Hot-Desking features of the Avaya IP office 500 system allow you to log on at any phone and that phone will then take on the features of your original phone including your extension number, any call forwarding options or pickup group settings. This can be especially useful if you sometimes work at a different location or in fact don’t have one fixed workspace. In order for you to be able to use this feature and log in to a phone you need to get your system administrator to assign you a login code.  The very cool thing with IP office Hot-Desking, it doe NOT matter what the origination or destination set is going to be…  Meaning, you can have an IP phone normally, but hot desk to an analog conference phone, or a 2 button digital phone.

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