Setting Up A Conference On A B149

This How-To covers setting up a conference on an Avaya B149 Analog Conference Handset. These handsets are supported from R7.0.

I have personally tested these steps on R9.0 and R9.1, but they should apply to any release the handsets are supported on.

Required Configuration:
Check there is a *47 Short Code in the IP Office configuration with the Feature set to Conference Add. If *47 is being used by something else other than Conference Add, create a new Short Code and use this new Short Code in the below steps.

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Using an analog phone on the IP Office

IP Office, all releases.

Using an analog phone on Avaya IP Office

To transfer a call:

With caller on, press “flash” – You will hear a stutter dial tone.

Enter the extension number and hang up..

To Place a call on hold:

With the caller on, press “Flash” – You will hear a stutter dial tone.

Hang up the phone.

To pick the call up off of hold:

Pick up the phone – You will hear a stutter dial tone.

Press “Flash”, you are now connected to the caller that was on hold.

To Conference multiple parties together:

Dial your first caller.

Press “Flash”, you hear stutter tone, dial *47 (the default Ad Hoc Conf code)  You will hear confirmation tone that you were conferenced in with that first caller.

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