Merlin Legend/Magix Initial PRI setup.

Quick programming for Merlin Legend/Magix, for setting up a PRI.  That has been floating around the internet for awhile, and I forget whom should get credit for it.  Once set up, if you need troubleshooting help, see this post.


Switch must be on Hybrid Mode

1. Set Frame Format to Extended Super Frame
Lines Trunks=>LS/GS/DS1=>enter slot + Enter =>Frame Format=>Extended Super Frame=>Enter.

2. Set Suppression
Lines Trunks=>LS/GS/DS1=>enter slot + Enter =>Suppression=>B8ZS=>Enter.

3. Change Type to PRI.
Lines Trunks=>LS/GS/DS1=>enter slot + Enter =>Type=>PRI=>Enter.


4. Set Switch Type.
Lines Trunks=>PRI=>Switch Type=>make choice+Enter.

5. Program B-Channel Group.
B-Channel Group=>B-Channel=>When prompted for b-channel group, type 1+ Enter.
When prompted for B-Channels, enter in the form: slot/B-Channel(sspp)
starting with B-Channel 23 and working down to B-Channel 1. Example: if slot is 4,
type 0423, enter, 0422, enter, 0421, enter, ect……….0401.
Return to B-Channel Group menu.

6. Program Lines.
Lines=> when prompted for b-channel group, type 1 + Enter=>enter line trunks (1st 23 only).
Return to B-Channel Group menu.

7. Set Network Service.
Ntwk Svc=>Misc=>CallByCall=>Enter.
Return to B-Channel Group menu.

8. Set Incoming Routing.
Incoming Rtg=>Dial Plan=>Enter.
Return to B-Channel Group menu.


9. Program Dial Plan Routing.
Dial PlanRouting=>Service=>0=>Misc=>Any=>Enter.
Exit back through Dial Plan Rtg menu to PRI menu.


10. Program Outgoing Table.
Outgoing Table=>CBC Svc=>Pattern=>when prompted for list and entry numbers, enter 00=>Enter.
When prompted for pattern number, enter: 0=>Next(F9)=>1=>Next=>2=>Next……..8=>Next=>9=>Enter.


11. Set Network Service.
Ntwk Svc=>Misc=>No=>Enter.

If this is a general use PRI, you must change the Special Service Table as follows:
PRI=>Outgoing Table=>Special Svc=>Del Digit=>When prompted for entry number, enter 0 + Enter.
Change entry to 0=>Next=>change entry to 0=>Next, ect until all entrys, 0-7 are 0.

If this is a strictly long-distance PRI, leave the Del Digit values at default.

INFO for PRI Provider

– The Terminal Equipment Identifier (TEI) = 0
– Switch Type: 5ESS
– Optioned for “Custom”

If switch type is DMS-100, The protocol MUST be set for “NTNAPRI”. Additionally, if the switch type is DMS-100, the field “L1 flags” in the “Trunk Sub Group” table should be set to yes. This is more critical when using DS1
cards with an Apparatus code beginning with “517M”. These particular DS1 boards WILL NOT work properly without this parameter set.

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