How do I change the time on Merlin Messaging?

Merlin messaging, all releases

The MERLIN Messaging runs on a separate clock from the Legend or MAGIX switch. The clock determines what time and date are recorded on voice messages left in mailboxes. The system stamps each message with the date and time. The subscriber can obtain that information by listening to the message header. The clock also determines what times the day and/or night message will play on the Auto Attendant if the mail system controls the opening/closing schedule for the business phone system. If the time is several minutes off, or the system loses power, the date and time will need to be reset.


To modify/update the Date and Time in MERLIN Messaging:

  1. Log into the System Administrator: (Dial Voice Mail Calling Group, dial [ 0 ] [ # ], password + [ # ])
  2. Dial [9] for the Administration menu.
  3. Dial [1] for System Parameters.
  4. Dial [2] to Update the System Date and Time.
  5. You can either:
    • Enter the current date as [mmddyy] using only two digits for the month (01-12), date (01-31), and year (99 or 00-37), then press [ # ]
    • Or press [ # ] to keep the current date.
  6. You can either:
    • Dial in the current time, using the 24-hr, or military time* mode as [hhmm].
    • Or enter [ # ] to keep the current time.
  7. Dial a [*][#] to confirm your setting and go to step 8,
    or press [ 1 ] to re-enter and go to step 4.
  8. Exit mail by dialing [*][*][9].
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