How do I change a users voicemail password in Merlin Messaging?

How to reinitialize a password on a personal mailbox in MERLIN Messaging:

  1. Dial into the System Administration mailbox:

[0] [#]
[Password] and [#]

  1. Dial [2] for Extension Administration.
  2. Dial [extension number] and [#].
  3. Dial [3] to Reinitialize the Password.
  4. Dial [*] [*] [9] to exit.

After the password has been initialized you can dial into voice mail and use the following procedure:

  1. Call the voice mail or push your voice mail button.
  2. Dial the [extension number] and [#], then the system will ask for a password.
  3. Dial [#].
  4. The system prompts you to enter the [new password] and [#].
  5. The system prompts you to re-enter the [new password] and [#].
  6. Dial [*] [*] [9] to exit.
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