Connect Voysys to Merlin 1030/3070

Quick Reference Guide

Voysys on Merlin 1030/3070

1-Please read the Voysys System Reference manual in its entirety before installing a Voysys for the first time.

2-Verify that there are enough available station and line ports on the Merlin 1030/3070 system to make the required connections to the Voysys. Additional station and/or line boards may be necessary in order to install the Voysys.

3-Make all necessary programming changes to the Merlin 1030/3070 system before connecting to the Voysys.

4-The Voysys emulates a Merlin 1030/3070 attendant position. Stations 11, 12, 13, and 14 must be used to connect to the four Voysys emulation jacks. The switches on the Merlin 1030/3070 processor for these four stations must be set to attendant for proper operation of the Voysys. Changing the position of any of these switches requires a reboot of the Merlin 1030/3070 system. Make these changes before powering on the Voysys.

5-Changing the Merlin 1030/3070 processor switch from “1-8 lines” to “> 8 lines” will require a reboot of the Merlin 1030/3070 system. Make this change before powering on the Voysys as this change reconfigures all Merlin 1030/3070 attendant positions for large system operation.

6-Verify that all lines are assigned to their default button locations. This is necessary for the Voysys to properly answer and transfer incoming calls, and because the line number must be input in order for users to manually transfer callers to a mailbox.

7-Make all required connections from the Merlin 1030/3070 system to the Voysys before powering on the Voysys. The Voysys has not been previously configured, and it will configure to the type of Merlin 1030/3070 system it detects when powered on for the first time. Be aware that you will need to reconfigure the Voysys for your customer if you have previously bench tested the unit with a different Merlin 1030/3070 control unit type.

8- In earlier releases of software the Voysys was ready for operation as soon as light 5 on the unit went steady. Later release software continues to run initialization procedures for up to 10 minutes after light 5 goes steady. You must allow the Voysys this required time to finish initializing before it can be accessed and programmed. DO NOT power off the Voysys without giving the unit at least 15 minutes to initialize.

Voysys For Merlin 1030/3070

Troubleshooting Voysys

1- If the Voysys does not answer incoming calls after the specified number of rings, verify that all lines to be answered by the auto attendant are programmed in Voysys administration for “in service” operation. Line status can be checked in menu 6, sub-menu 4. Necessary changes to lines can also be made in this section of Voysys administration. A reboot of the Voysys is necessary for any changes made to take effect.

2-If the Voysys does not light message lights, verify that stations 11, 12, 13, and 14 are set for attendant operation on the Merlin 1030/3070 processor. If these stations are verified to be attendant positions, enter Voysys administration and perform the procedure to change the control unit type in menu 6, sub-menu 5. A reboot of the Voysys is necessary in order for this change to take effect.

3-Only calls transferred by the Voysys auto attendant will be forwarded to the user’s mailbox if not answered. Calls transferred by one station to another will return to the originator if not answered. Calls may be transferred to an individual’s mailbox per the Voysys user guide instructions.

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