Changing the name on an extension on Merlin Legend

Merlin Legend, All releases

To change the name on phone, you need to re-label the extension.

A label can have a maximum of seven characters.

To administer Labels for Extensions from the System Programming console:

  1. Press Menu.
  2. Press System Program.
  3. Press Exit or Start.
  4. Press More or Right Arrow Key.
  5. Press Labeling.
  6. Press Directory.
  7. Press Extension.
  8. Dial the extension number that you want to administer.
  9. Press Enter.
  10. Press Drop.
  11. Enter the label information for the extension number selected.  (Remove the plastic covers from the line and feature buttons, and remove the white labels.  You will see the letters “A-F” on the display and the letters “G-Z” on the buttons.  Enter the new name of the extension.  See note below.)
  12. Press Enter.
  13. Press Exit or Back.
  14. Press Home or Exit to exit programming mode.

Note: When programming on the system programming console, use the buttons next to the display to specify the letters A through I and punctuation. Use the line/feature buttons to specify additional alphanumeric characters for labels. Use the template provided with the System Programming console to see which line buttons correspond to which alphanumeric characters. (you will have to remove the plastic overlays to see the letters)

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