Standard Base Config by Kyle L Holladay Sr

IP Office Standardized Base Configuration
Designed and maintained by
Kyle L Holladay Sr.  July 18, 1973 – March 26, 2013 (R.I.P.)

Build 121911 for IP Office R8 (Initial Release)



The standardized Base Configuration is intended to provide a fully customizable platform based on a consistent and stable base configuration for IP Office and Voicemail Pro implementations. I designed the original standard base configuration 2005 to unify the varied programming methods used by individual IP Office technicians within the same organization. By building each configuration based on a standardized core, the end-user’s experience is unified resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction and a much lower learning curve for support staff.

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Set Up SIP trunk with on IP Office

Setting up a SIP trunk between the IP Office and (Compliments of Kyle L Holladay Sr.,  R.I.P.)

In this example we will configure a SIP trunk between the Avaya IP Office and using a static IP address assigned to LAN1 behind a firewall/NAT. Alternative configurations would include registration which is supported by for users with a dynamic IP addresses or you could assign a public IP to the IP Office on LAN2 outside of your firewall/NAT.


First we need to obtain the IP address of the SIP server. Because the IP Office does not use DNS to resolve the name of the SIP server you will want to use PING on your PC to resolve this name. From your computer enter ping from the command line (CMD) and make note of the IP address that is returned. From this point on we will use to refer to the SIP server.
Use CMD to ping

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Sip Trunk from Asterisk to IP Office

Occasionally we hear people that want to connect an Asterisk to an IP Office.  The below submission was compliments of

IP Office setup:

1) Create a new SIP Trunk (SIP Licenses are required for this)
2) The only thing you fill in here is the IP address of Asterisks/TrixBox. Please note that this config is done anonymously, so I assume the two machines are either on the same LAN or connected securely via a VPN, I would not recommenced this setup if you are doing this over the internet.

ITSP Domain:
IPSP IP : Asterisks IP
Prim Auth / Pass:
Eveything Else:

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