Create a Check-Hours Module in Voicemail Pro

Create a checkHours Module for all US Federal Holidays Kyle L Holladay, Sr, R.I.P.  This is just a subset of the AWESOME SBC (Standard Base Config) that Kyle created for IPO/Voicemail Pro, Downloaded here..

This document will provide instruction on how to create a checkHours module that can be dropped into your Voicemail Pro call flows that will allow all US Federal Holidays as defined by 5 U.S.C 6103 plus an additional 3 custom holiday conditions. Additionally this module will allow for 4 separate office hours to accomodate multiple offices or varying hours in different departments. Here is an example of how this new checkHours module can be used to route between a day and night auto attendant. The holiday greeting is played prior to the AA greeting and should be recorded similar to “Please note our offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday in recognition of the Thanks Giving Holiday” which would be followed typically by the night menu of something similar to “Thank you for calling Acme Toy Company, you’ve reached us outside of our normal business hours…”

Additionally a menuEmergencyClosure system is provided which would allow the system administrator to call in remotely and set the system to in/out of hours and record a greeting (e.g. “Our offices are currently closed due to weather”) which would then be followed by the night greeting.

1.   Download and extract the pre-configured modules and associated .wav files.

2.   Press the F6 key to bring up the Voicemail Pro Condition Editor and create the following conditions as Calendar “X|| OR” variables:
Business Hours1
Business Hours2
Business Hours3
Business Hours4
Holiday New Years Day
Holiday MLK Jr Birthday
Holiday Washington Birthday
Holiday Memorial Day
Holiday Independence Day
Holiday Labor Day
Holiday Columbus Day
Holiday Veterans Day
Holiday Thanksgiving
Holiday Christmas
Holiday Custom 1
Holiday Custom 2
Holiday Custom 3
Holiday Custom 4

3.   Press the F8 key to bring up the Voicemail Pro User Defined Variables screen and add 4 new User Variables called varCLOSED1, varCLOSED2, varCLOSED3 and varCLOSED4  4.   Copy files base001.wav, base002.wav and base005.wav into x:\Program Files\Avaya\IP Office\Voicemail Pro\VM\WAVS\ENU\Custom\ (where x represents the drive on which Voicemail Pro was installed).
5.   Import the checkHours.mod using File>Import or Export>Import call flows> and selecting the checkHours.mod file.
6.   Click on the Save & Make Live icon in Voicemail Pro to save the current configuration.



1.   Drag the checkHours module into your call flow as pictured in the first illustration above connecting the “IN Hours” module return to your daytime call flow and the “OUT Hours” to your after hours call flow.
2.   Create an option off of your day and night call flows to reach the menuEmergencyClosure (I typically use **25673 which spells **CLOSE). See picture below.
3.   Callers can then dial in and access the menuEmergencyClose module. Record a customer greeting such as “Our offices are closed today due to inclement weather”. This greeting will be followed by your after hours message and call flow.


1.   Launch the Voicemail Pro client.
2.   Press the F6 key on the keyboard.
3.   Locate the Holiday to configure (e.g. “Holiday New Years Day”) and double click on the “Calendar” icon beneath it.
4.   Locate the proper date(s) on the calendar for which your office will be closed and double click on each of them, one at a time. Notice that the color of the date will chnage when selected.
5.   Click on the [OK] button when finished with that particular Holiday
6.   If you wish to configure additional Holidays repeat steps 3-5 until complete.
7.   Click on the [OK] button to close the “Condition Editor”
8.   Close the Voicemail Pro client. NOTE:   In addition to enabling a date for each condition a recording must be created for each holiday and placed in the same folder as the base recordings mentioned above.

File Name Associated Holiday
base401.wav Holiday New Years Day
base402.wav Holiday MLK Jr Birthday
base403.wav Holiday Washington Birthday
base404.wav Holiday Memorial Day
base405.wav Holiday Independence Day
base406.wav Holiday Labor Day
base407.wav Holiday Columbus Day
base408.wav Holiday Veterans Day
base409.wav Holiday Thanksgiving
base410.wav Holiday Christmas
base411.wav Holiday Custom 1
base412.wav Holiday Custom 2
base413.wav Holiday Custom 3


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