Changing the line that is picked up, when you lift handset on a Partner.

All releases of Partner

Lets say that you currently pick up line 1 to make an outgoing call, but you want to pick up your last line (in this case we will say we have 6 phone lines).

This feature is called “Auto line select”

To program Auto line select:

From extension 10 or 11:
Press feature 00
Enter the extension number of the extension you need changed.
press ** (start, star)

Then the order you want the lines to get picked up
Then ** (star, star) when done

When finished, press feature 00 to get out of programming.

So, in this example I would enter my extension number (22) and press ** (star, star) and press line 6, line 5, line 4, line 3, line 2, and line 1.  Then I press ** (start, star) to signify that I am done programming Auto Line Select.  And feature 00 to get out of programming.

Easy as pie.

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