Voicemail Pro Call Recording

This feature allows you to record a conversation and requires Voicemail Pro to be installed. An advice of recording warning will be given if configured on the voicemail system. The recording is placed in the mailbox specified by the user’s Manual Recording Mailbox setting. Call recording also requires available conference resources similar to a three-party conference.

  • Action: Advanced | Call | Call Record.

  • Action Data: None.

  • Default Label: Recor or Record.

  • Toggles: Yes.

  • Status Indication: Yes.

  • User Admin: No.

  • Phone Support: Note that support for particular phone models is also dependent on the system software level.

    • 9500 Series9600 Series and J100 Series.

    • 1400 Series and 1600 Series.

    • M-Series and T-Series.

    • 1100 Series and 1200 Series.

    • This button action is also supported by the Vantage Connect Expansion application.

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