Virtual machine specifications

Business Partners install IP OfficeIP Office Contact Center, and Avaya Contact Center Select Cloud deployments in a Virtualized Environment. For IP Office Contact Center, BPs must create the OVA first and then deploy it. With Avaya Contact Center Select, BPs must use the Avaya Aura® Media Server OVA and the Avaya Contact Center Select software appliance to create virtual machines. For more information about installation, see Deploying Powered by Avaya IP Office (Virtualized) for Business Partners.

You can monitor virtual machines and use profiling. Profiling improves performance by allocating resources where required and optimizing the virtual infrastructure.

For supported virtual machine usage values, see the following documents:

  • For IP Office, see “Profiling” in Deploying Avaya IP Office™ Platform Servers as Virtual Machines.

  • For IP Office Contact Center, see Avaya IP Office Contact Center Reference Configuration and Avaya IP Office Contact Center Core Installation Task Based Guide.

  • For Avaya Contact Center Select, see Deploying Avaya Contact Center Select Software Appliance. For general Avaya Contact Center Select capacity information, see Avaya Contact Center Select Solution Description.

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