Virtual servers can use all of the standard IP Office resilience features. In addition, in IP Office Select mode they can alternatively use VMware’s High Availability option.

VMware High Availability (HA) allows a virtual machine to be automatically re-established on another host machine if its normal host fails or detects a potential failure. For example:

  • Host failures include power failure and ESXi kernel panic.

  • A Linux operating system crash on the host server.

Backup is started up after a failure has been detected and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. During the switch any unsaved data and active calls are lost.

Use of this feature is only supported for IP Office Select mode systems. It requires the customer data center to include multiple host servers and for those hosts to have access to the same separate datastore.

HA cannot be combined with the general IP Office resiliency features as they conflict. For example, if HA is enabled for a Server Edition primary server, no primary resources (phones, hunt groups, voicemail server) can be supported using IP Office resilience failover to a Server Edition secondary.

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