Video Softphone

Avaya Equinox® Client, now also known as Avaya IX™ Workplace, is a soft phone application that provides users with access to unified communications (UC) services associated with their Avaya Aura® infrastructure. Built upon the Avaya Breeze® Client SDK Communication Services package, the Avaya Equinox® Client extends UC services to Mac and Windows Desktops, as well as mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

The Avaya Equinox® Client for Android can be installed on a mobile phone, tablet, or an Avaya Vantage™ device, and the Avaya Equinox® Client for iOS on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.


  • Make point-to-point audio and video calls
  • Join and host conference calls with moderator control features
  • Allows users to share a portion of the screen, or the whole desktop, an application, or a whiteboard while on a conference call on desktop platforms
  • Perform an enterprise wide search using Avaya Aura® Device Services or Client Enablement Services on mobile clients and using Avaya Aura® Device Services or LDAP on desktop clients
  • Send captured photo, audio, video files, or generic file attachments in an IM conversation.



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