Unconditional Forwarding

Summary: Have your calls redirected immediately to another number including any external number that you can dial.

Priority This function is overridden by DND and or Follow Me if applied. Forward Unconditional overrides Forward on Busy.

Destination The destination can be any number that the user can dial. If external and Inhibit Off-Switch Transfers is applied, the caller is directed to voicemail if available, otherwise they receive busy tone. If the destination is an internal user on the same system, they are able to transfer calls back to the user, overriding the Forward Unconditional.

Duration After being forwarded for the user’s no answer time, if still unanswered, the system can apply additional options. It does this if the user has forward on no answer set for the call type or if the user has voicemail enabled.

  • If the user has forward on no answer set for the call type, the call is recalled and then forwarded to the forward on no answer destination.

  • If the user has voicemail enabled, the call is redirected to voicemail.

  • If the user has both options set, the call is recalled and then forwarded to the forward on no answer destination for their no answer time and then if still unanswered, redirected to voicemail.

  • If the user has neither option set, the call remains redirected by the forward unconditional settings.

Note that for calls redirected via external trunks, detecting if the call is still unanswered requires call progress indication. For example, analog lines do not provide call progress signalling and therefore calls forwarded via an analog lines are treated as answered and not recalled.

Phone When enabled, the phone can still be used to make calls. An D is displayed on DS phones. When a user has forward unconditional in use, their normal extension will give alternate dialtone when off hook.

Calls Forwarded Once a call has been forwarded to an internal destination, it will ignore any further Forward No Answer or Forward on Busy settings of the destination but may follow additional Forward Unconditional settings unless that creates a loop.


Call Types Forwarded





Hunt Group



Not presented.

Follow Me




VM Ringback


Automatic Callback


Transfer Return


Hold Return

Ring/hold cycle.

Park Return


*Optional only for calls targeting sequential and rotary type groups. Includes internal call to a hunt group regardless of the forward internal setting.

To Voicemail: Default = Off. If selected and forward unconditional is enabled, calls are forwarded to the user’s voicemail mailbox. The Forward Number and Forward Hunt Group Calls settings are not used. This option is not available if the system’s Voicemail Type is set to None.  1400, 1600, 9500 and 9600 Series phone users can select this setting through the phone menu. Note that if the user disables forward unconditional the To Voicemail setting is cleared.

Forward Unconditional Controls


Forward Unconditional


A user’s forwarding settings can be viewed and changed through the User | Forwarding tab within the system configuration settings.


The following short code features/button programming actions can be used:


For calls initially targeted to the user but then redirected, when voicemail is invoked the mailbox of the user is used and not the mailbox of the destination.

For Voicemail Pro, the Play Configuration Menu action can be used to let callers set their current forwarding destination and switch Forwarding Unconditional on/off.


A SoftConsole user can view and edit a user’s forwarding settings. Through the directory, select the required user. Their current forwarding status is shown. Double-click on the details and select Forwarding to alter their forwarding settings.



Short Code



Forward Number


Forward Unconditional On


 – Toggles.

Forward Unconditional Off


Forward Hunt Group Calls On

 – Toggles.

Forward Hunt Group Calls Off

Disable Internal Forwards

Enable Internal Forwards

Disable Internal Forwards Unconditional

Enable Internal Forwards Unconditional

Set No Answer Time

Cancel All Forwarding


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