Trial Licenses

Trial, or “Try Before you Buy”, licenses are very useful for testing a new application or feature before committing.

The following trial licenses can be requested. Each is valid for 60 days from the date of issue and can only be issued once for a particular System SD card serial number. Apart from that restriction, the trial licenses work the same as full licenses.

  • Preferred Edition (formerly VoiceMail Pro)
  • Advanced Edition (1 Supervisor and 20 Agents)
  • Customer Service Supervisor solution (1 Supervisor)
  • Receptionist solution (2 Receptionists)
  • Office Worker solution (5 Users)
  • Power User solution (5 Users)
  • Teleworker solution (5 Users)
  • Mobile Worker solution (5 Users; formerly Mobility )
  • Avaya IP Endpoint (5 endpoints)
  • 3rd Party IP Endpoint (5 endpoints)
  • Voice Networking
  • SIP Trunking (1 Trunk)
  • Unified Messaging Service (10 Users)
  • 3rd party Text-to-Speech(1 port)
  • Avaya Text-to-Speech (1 port)
  • Centralized Voicemail with Avaya Messaging
  • VoiceMail Pro Networked Messaging
  • IPSec Virtual Private Networking

When a license key is entered into the IP Office configuration, it will have a status of: Unknown, Valid, Invalid, Dormant, Obsolete, or Expired. If the license status is Unknown, the configuration file must be saved back to the IP Office system, and reloaded.

Purchased licenses never expire, whereas Trial licenses have an expiry date set 60 days after the date of generation.

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