Speed Dial

When pressed, the button invokes the same process as dialing Feature 0.

If Feature 0 is followed by a 3-digit index number in the range 000 to 999, the system directory entry with the matching index number is dialed.

If Feature 0 is followed by * and a 2-digit index number in the range 00 to 99, the personal directory entry with the matching index number is dialed. Note: Release 10.0 allows users to have up to 250 personal directory entries. However, only 100 of those can be assigned index numbers.

Action: Advanced | Dial | Speed Dial.

Action Data: None.

Default Label: SpdDial.

Toggles: No.

Status Indication: No.

User Admin: No.

Phone Support

Phone Support Note that support for particular phone models is also dependant on the system software level.


Analog: No

20 Series

4100 Series: No

6400 Series: No

D100: No

1100 Series:Yes

2400 Series: No

4400 Series: No

7400 Series: No

M-Series: Yes

1200 Series: Yes

3600 Series: No

4600 Series: No

9040: No

T-Series: Yes

1400 Series: No

3700 Series: No

5400 Series: No

9500 Series: No

T3/T3 IP Series: No

1600 Series: No

3810: No

5600 Series: No

9600 Series: No

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