IP Office can be configured to generate alarms. These alarms can be sent using SNMP, SMTP e-mail, or Syslog alarm formats. These settings are used to set the levels at which the Voicemail Pro server will indicate to the IP Office to send an alarm.




Alarm Threshold Unit

Default = Recording Time Left (mins).

The units, minutes or MB, used to set the alarm. The options are:

  • Recording Time Left (mins)

  • Disk Space Left (MB)

Alarm Threshold Level

Default = 60.

The level at which SNMP alarms are to be triggered. The minimum value that you can enter is 11.

the following additional alarms are set based on the Alarm Threshold Level.

  • Space OK Alarm: Triggered when the amount of available space returns to above a level set at Alarm Threshold Level plus 30.

  • Critical Alarm: This alarm is set at 30. If the Alarm Threshold Level is set at less than 40, the critical alarm is set at Alarm Threshold Level minus 10. Note that the critical alarm value decreases if you decrease the Alarm Threshold Level, but the critical alarm value does not increase if you increase the Alarm Threshold Level. So, the critical alarm value keeps on decreasing and remains set at the least value that it takes. To reset the critical alarm back to 30, click Default Settings.

  • For Voicemail Pro Server Edition, IP Office sends SNMP alarms based on the percentage of the available free space of the total disk space. The SNMP alarms are as follows:

    • Disk State Critical: Free disk space is less than 5%

    • Disk State OK: Free disk space is between 5 to 10%

    • Disk State Free: Free disk space is greater than 10%

    • Disk State Stop Recording: Free disk space is 0.

Default Settings

Return to the default alarm settings.

Alarm Threshold Level is reset to 60. The Space OK level is reset to 90. The Critical Alarm level is reset to 30.

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