Simplified Manager

Use the Simplified Manager to manage IP Office Essential Edition Quick Mode. Simplified Manager tracks system configuration changes, manages upgrades, and configuration imports and exports.

IP Office has a built-in audit trail that tracks changes to the system configuration, and who has made them. Manager can display the audit trail to assist with problem resolution.

The audit trail records the last 15 changes in the configuration and records the following elements:

• Configuration Changed – For configuration changes, the log will report at a high level on all configuration categories (users, hunt group…) that have been changed.
• Configuration Erased
• Configuration merged
• Reboot – user instigated reboot
• Upgrade
• Cold Start
• Warm Start
• Write at HH:MM – This is when the administrator saved the configuration via the schedule option
• Write with Immediate Reboot
• Write with Reboot When Free

IP Office Manager is also used for maintenance functions such as:

• Upgrade to the IP Office system software
• Ability to send software over an IP network link to a system and have it validated before committing to the upgrade
• Backwards compatibility with systems from Release 2.1 onwards to allow a single management application
• Importing and Exporting IP Office configuration information in ACSII-CSV files.

Web Manager

Web Manager is a browser-based management tool designed to simplify the installation and maintenance process and provides access to most, but not all, IP Office configuration settings. Web Manager eliminates the need to have windows operating system because it can run on any device that supports standard browsers.

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