Simplified Manager

This command launches a locally installed instance of the IP Office Manager application and then automatically loads the IP Office service configuration file from the server. For details of using IP Office Manager, refer to Administering Avaya IP Office™ Platform with Manager.


  • In order to open a client application (for example Manager), you must log into Web Manager using the IP Office LAN 1 IP address.


  • This command is only supported with Internet Explorer.

Manager software version

When used, the command checks whether IP Office Manager is already installed, and if so, the version of the application.




Manager version is current

If the Manager version is current, Manager launches without a login prompt and loads the configuration file for the server.

Manager version is not current

If the Manager version is not current, you are prompted to download and install the latest version and a link is provided. You can continue to use the currently installed version or download the current version. Upgrading to the current version requires a browser restart.

Manager is not installed

If Manager is not installed, you are prompted to download and install the latest version and a link is provided. Once Manager is installed, a browser restart is required before launching Manager.

  • Note that the version of IP Office Manager installed is not the full version. It runs in English only and does not include the files needed for actions such as IP500 V2 system upgrades, phone firmware support, SD card recreation, etc. The full administration suite installer can be downloaded from

Synchronizing Server Edition passwords

In order to open IP Office Manager for a Server Edition solution, all IP Office systems in the solution must have a service user with common credentials. See Synchronize Service User and System Password.

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