Phone Manager

IP Office Phone Manager is a single application that can be run in three different versions. The version for each user is set through the IP Office configuration and is also controlled by licences entered into the IP Office configuration. The version is Phone Manager Lite unless suitable licences are entered on the telephone system. If insufficient licences are available Phone Manager operates in Lite mode.

Phone Manager Lite

No license required. ·

Phone Manager Pro

A ‘Phone Manager Pro’ license key is required for each Phone Manager Pro user. If insufficient licences are available, Phone Manager operates in Lite mode.

     Agent Mode  – This mode is a selectable option available to a Phone Manager Pro user. In this mode the Phone Manager user has access to several agent related functions as toolbar icons.

     Login Mode – (Hot Desking) This mode is a selectable option available to a Phone Manager Pro user. Starting or stopping Phone Manager logs the user on or off an extension. The extension is specified when starting Phone Manager. While logged on, the Phone Manager extension number overrides the physical extension number.

Telecommuter Mode – (Phone Manager 4.1+) In this mode, a user running Phone Manager Pro on a PC with a data connection to the IP Office (for example via VPN), is able to have their calls routed to a telephone number they specify when starting Phone Manager. When the user makes a call using Phone Manager, the IP Office will call the user’s specified telephone number and when answered, then make the outgoing call for the user. Similarly incoming calls to the user’s extension on the IP Office are routed to the remote number. By having the speech part of all calls initiated from the IP Office, the cost for those calls is assigned to the IP Office.

Phone Manager Pro PC Softphone  – Conversations take place through a sound card headset / handset. Both a ‘Phone Manager Pro’ and a ‘Phone Manager Pro IP Audio Enabled’ license key are required for each user. Any reference in the guide that indicates a feature is only available for Phone Manager Pro then the feature is also available for Phone Manager PC Softphone.

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