The IP Office Branch solution supports IP Office voice mail systems and centralized voice mail systems.

The following centralized voice mail systems are supported:

  • Avaya Aura® Messaging

  • Avaya Modular Messaging

  • Avaya CallPilot®: Only supported in distributed branch environments connected to CS 1000.

The following IP Office voice mail systems are supported:

  • Embedded Voicemail: Default IP Office voice mail system

  • Voicemail Pro: Available with IP Office Preferred and Advanced editions

For information about the configuration requirements of each voice mail system, see Reference Configuration for Avaya IP Office in a Branch Environment (15–604253).

In a stand-alone branch environment, the enterprise branch can only use an IP Office voice mail system.

In a distributed branch environment, the enterprise branch can choose an IP Office voice mail system or a centralized voice mail system for users. If the distributed environment is connected to CS 1000, users can also use Avaya CallPilot® as their voice mail system.

In a mixed or centralized branch environment, the enterprise branch can only use a centralized voice mail system.

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