Hot Desking

Hot desking allows users nonexclusive use of the a single extension.

Users log with their own identity so they can receive calls and can access their voicemail and other facilities. For example, sales personnel who visit the office infrequently can be provided with telephony and voicemail services without being permanently assigned a physical extension. When finished, they simply log out to make the extension available to others or if users log in at another phone, they are automatically logged out of the original extension.

Support for Hot desking on SIP phones such as J129, H175, and so on are not available from IP Office Release 10.1. This includes Hot desking through CTI or the standard short codes; *35 and *36 by default. The SIP phones on IP Office do not support clearing of user contacts and call history when a new user logs in to those phones through Hot desking. This can result in one user having visibility to another user’s contacts and call history information.

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