Group Paging

Makes a paging call to an extension or group specified. If no number is specified, this can be dialed after pressing the button. The target extension or group members must be free and must support handsfree auto-answer in order to hear the page.

On Avaya phones, a paged user can convert the page call into a normal call by pressing the Conference button.

Action: Emulation | Group Paging.

Action Data: User number or name or group number or name.

On large display phones, if configured without a preset target, this type of button will display an interactive button menu for target selection.

Default Label: GrpPg.

Toggles: No.

Status Indication: Yes.

User Admin: Yes.

Phone Support Note that support for particular phone models is also dependant on the system software level.


Analog: No

20 Series: Yes

4100 Series: No

6400 Series: Yes

D100: Yes

1100 Series: Yes

2400 Series: Yes [1]

4400 Series: Yes

7400 Series: No

M-Series: Yes

1200 Series: Yes

3600 Series: No

4600 Series: Yes [1]

9040: Yes

T-Series: Yes

1400 Series: Yes [1]

3700 Series: No

5400 Series: Yes

9500 Series: 

T3/T3 IP Series: No [2]

1600 Series: Yes [1]

3810: Yes

5600 Series: Yes [1]

9600 Series: Yes

  1. Not 1403, 1603, 4601, 4602, 5601 and 5602 except where 4602 is supported on Release 2.1 and 3.0DT software.

  2. Limited support on some specific T3 phone models as detailed below.

    T3 Phones:

    • Classic/Comfort icon: Displays  followed by target number if set.

    • DSS Link LED: None.

    M-Series/T-Series: The button is equivalent to Feature 60 <number>.

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