Fax Messaging

Fax on IP500 V2 Systems

IP500 V2 systems can terminate T38 fax calls. For a system with an IP500 VCM, IP500 VCM V2 or IP500 Combo cards, T38 or G.711 can be used for fax transmission. Each fax call uses a VCM channel unless it is a T38 fax call between compatibly configured call legs. A SIP line or extension must support Re-Invite.

T38 Fallback can also be specified. On outgoing fax calls, if the called destination does not support T38, a re-invite is sent for fax transport using G.711.

Configuring Fax on SIP Lines and Extensions

To configure Fax on SIP Lines and Extensions:

  1. On the VoIP page for the line or extension, set Re-Invite Supported to On in order to enable Fax Transport Support

  2. Select a value in the Fax Transport Support field.

Note the following:

  • Direct media is supported.

  • If Fax Transport Support is set to T38 or T38 Fallback, the T38 Fax page is available. The T38 Fax page provides detailed T38 configuration options.

Configuring Fax on an IP Office Line

Within a multi-site network, Fax Transport Support can also be enabled on the IP Office Lines between the systems. This allows fax calls at one system to be sent to another system.

To configure Fax on an IP Office Line:

  1. Set IP Office Line | Line Settings | Networking Level to SCN.

  2. Set IP Office Line | VoIP | Fax Transport Support to Fax Relay.

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